“A stellar example of interdisciplinary scholarship, Wilson combines extensive archival research with visual, cultural, and urban studies to foment her argument that members of the black counterpublic sphere have historically utilized participation in exhibitions to gain access to the public sphere.”  – CAA Reviews, December 2015, Rebecca Van Diver

The New York-based collaboration between Mabel O. Wilson and Bryony Roberts uses the medium of performance to make the layers of African-American cultural and urban history tangible for a broader public. Both Wilson and Roberts have developed independent interdisciplinary practices that combine research, architectural design, and social activism. Wilson’s awards and residencies include the Research Fellow at the Institute for Research in African American Studies (IRAAS). She is the co-director of Global Africa Lab. Her projects as a scholar, designer and curator have expanded discourses on space and cultural history in black America. Wilson is a Professor of Architecture at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP). Roberts is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Oslo School of Architecture in Norway and Columbia GSAPP in New York. Her recent performance projects include a collaboration with a youth organization from the South Side of Chicago (South Shore Drill Team) for a live performance at the Chicago Federal Plaza. 

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist