“Playing jazz drums is not easy to do because there are so many subtle nuances that go with jazz beats. Luca has a particularly acute understanding of this, which allows for highly artistic shading of tonal colors on his cymbals and his drums.” – NY Daily News, March 2011, Stanley Croutch


Luca Santaniello is a New York-based drummer, composer and educator. With extensive experience in both classical and jazz music, Luca has always been prone to push the boundaries of codified musical traditions, to blend languages into unknown musical territories. He believes that many cultural differences, which constitute the ground for socio-cultural frictions and intolerance in our society, can be easily explained, felt and resolved through the fusion of different music languages. As a thriving international jazz musician, Luca focuses on connecting the similarities between Southern Italian culture which influenced Luca’s childhood and early adulthood and African American culture that strongly characterizes his artistic vision. Luca holds a Bachelor in Classical Percussions from L. Perosi Conservatory in Italy, and an Artist Diploma in Jazz Studies from The Juilliard School, NY.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Paolo Soriani