Las Hermanas Iglesias are Lisa and Janelle Iglesias, a collaborative team of sisters who were born and raised in Queens, New York. As second-generation Norwegian-Dominicans, their work often comments on bridging disparate materials and practices. Lisa Iglesias received her BA from Binghamton University and her MFA in painting and drawing from the University of Florida in 2006 while Janelle received a degree in cultural anthropology from Emory University and her MFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University, also in 2006.

While in graduate school, Lisa and Janelle began to mail drawings back and forth through the post in order to experiment with visual imagery and conceptual tendencies. Interested in the potential of these visual conversations about their shared history and individual approaches, they formed Las Hermanas Iglesias. Since then, Las Hermanas have shown collaboratively in several exhibitions on the East Coast while Lisa and Janelle have independently shown their work and have received various fellowships at such residencies as the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, the Santa Fe Art Institute, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, the Vermont Studio Center and Sculpture Space. While they have received various grants and accolades individually, the LMCC Paris residency was their first opportunity to focus solely on their collaborative efforts.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist