Larry Shea is a New York based artist who creates experimental single-channel film/video, interactive installations, and large-scale video projections. His films have shown at festivals around the US and in London (BFI), Austria (Ars Electronica), Paris, Berlin, Milan, and Brazil. Recently he collaborated with Ann Carlson and Mary Ellen Strom on Geyserland, a train-trip artwork in Montana, to project large-scale video imagery from a moving train onto the landscape. Shea received his MFA from The Massachusetts College of Art in 1996. He was the Executive Director of MIX:NYC LGBT film-festival from 2002-2005. He has taught at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts – Boston; The New School and Pratt Institute and is currently an Associate Professor of Media Design in Carnegie Mellon University’s Drama Department.

Larry is using the Swing Space residency to develop a new site-specific large scale pseudo-3D video projection inspired by the Utopian ideals and imagery of the Russian Constructivists and Post-War Latin American Geometric Abstractionists. Designed for the walls of Fort Jay on Governors Island, the longest serving US military installation, his projection will explore the limits and possibilities of Utopian ideologies when confronted with the military/industrial/entertainment complex. His goal is to create environments that entice people to deepen their relationship to the present through the past.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the Artist