“Of The Same by New York based choreographer Kristin Draucker…a piece that keeps evolving with intimacy, beauty and human tenderness.” – The Dance Journal, April 11, 2016, Lewis J. Whittington

Kristin Draucker’s dances portray the landscape of her inner mind alongside reflections on the outside world to present ideas otherwise difficult to express through language. By weaving abstract narratives together, she investigates humanity and nature to present pictures of personal reflection. She intends to create non-concrete landscapes for the viewers to look at her works onstage, see themselves and deepen their understanding of themselves and the surrounding world. Kara Daving’s work visually bridges the two disciplines of sculpture and painting and conceptually repurposes playful sea folklore narratives to tell the tale of the consumer-centric world we live in today. Daving’s work is motivated by peculiarities, such as, plastic islands (The Pacific Garbage Patch) coalescing in the sea and is exhibited to spark dialogues of ecological responsibility. J.R. Narrows is a composer and sound designer who studied in composition and music technology, and has worked in film, installation, and immersive audio. Focusing on narrative and storytelling, Narrows combines sound and original music to tell tales and color perspectives in abstract and immersive ways. By connecting audio with dance and sculpture, music becomes free to take on an entirely new character, playing into a more powerful, yet subversive sonic statement.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Stephan Lanoux