“The simultaneous dissonances and resonances offered by the visual selection of [North and South Korean] works in “KOREA” reaches beyond a singular argument for a possible utopia, but rather opens a dialogue” – the ordinary aesthetic, July 6, 2014, Candy Koh

Korea Art Forum (KAF) is a New York-based non-profit art organization with the vision that geopolitical, economic, historical, and cultural conditions of the Korean peninsula have the potential to shift the field of contemporary art. KAF works with institutions and organizations to present thought-provoking exhibitions, discussions, and other public initiatives that explore the Korean division and foster dynamic relationships between art, artists, and audiences. Recent KAF projects include Common Ground, Center for Korean Study, Columbia University, New York, NY (2013); Parameters, Gallery HO, New York, NY (2013); KOREA, FiveMyles, Brooklyn, NY (2014) and an expanded edition of KOREA, Jorgensen Gallery, Connecticut University, Storrs, CT (2015).