koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO provides performance, lecture, workshop and installation as means of cultural dialogue with the public to share their ideas about dance as a space for radical experimentations and conversations to take place. Combining elements of philosophy, digital technology, visual, and a performance technique Live Processing, koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO separates out and dissects the component processes of embodied performance, allowing for a new creative assemblage ripe for digital interface and experimentation. The company also offers a social experiential environment forum called Public Sleep (a sleepover event) and Hang Out, where audience, artists, and works integrate into living.

Koosil-ja and koosil-ja/dancekUMIKO have been presented in New York by such venues as Dance Theater Workshop, Japan Society, The Kitchen, Performance Space 122, The Performing Garage, Danspace Project, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, and Central Park SummerStage. Nationally, its works have been presented by MANCC Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL; Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL; Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Lee, MA; The Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA; Dance Umbrella, Austin, TX; Diverseworks, Houston, TX; Jumpstart, San Antonio, TX; Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN; American Dance Festival, Durham, NC; the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; On The Board, Seattle, WA; MANCC Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL; and Dance Center Columbia College of Chicago, IL. Its international touring has included performances at iDANS, Istanbul, Turkey; Das Haus der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Germany; the European Dance Development Center (EDDC), Schowburg in Arnhem, The Netherlands; EDDC/Werkstatt, Düsseldorf, Germany; and other venues in Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, and Germany.

The new dance and interactive project is commissioned by MANCC Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, and the composer’s commission is funded by the American Music Center’s Live Music for Dance Program.

At 14 Wall Street, koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO’s is developing a new dance and interactive project informed by Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy. The project is a solo work developed by choreographer Koosil-ja, composer and brainwaves interactive programmer Geoff Matters, 3D engine programmer Robert Ramirez, and 3D artist Janelle Miau.

Deleuze thinks that the order of the universe is not determined by dualism. The distinction between the mind and the body is always in process and “is produced by a kind of matter that has the capacity to fold in upon itself in order to perceive. Matter outside the mind does not perceive. Enfolding brings the relation of an inner and outer world into being. Unlike the body, the mind is enclosed matter, an interior that does not respond directly to the outside world. This enclosure can be understood as a form of theaters, one in which thinking, imaging and reflecting occur.” (Brett Nichols, The Deleuze Dictionary)

But what if one where to create a system that allows the interior to respond directly to the world outside the body? If we create image and sound controlled by the interior, bypassing the enclosure, would the image, sound and dancer’s body enfold to bring the relation of inner and outer world into a new type of being?

For this experiment, koosil-ja/dancekUMIKO will use the dancer’s internal movement (brainwaves) as data that will control music and a digital simulation of the image of the body using interactive technology and 3D game engine.


Image credit: courtesy of the artist