“Her choreography utilizes the classical ballet vocabulary, but in novel and audacious ways, leaving her audience entertained and laughing out loud. Her work intellectually explores the gay experience both within society and the world of dance, creating a space in which anyone who has ever felt like an outcast could relate.” – Broadway World, May 30, 2013, Jennifer Fried

Katy Pyle and The Ballez is a performance arts group, lead by Founding Artistic Director, Katy Pyle. Katy Pyle and The Ballez create fantastical story ballets that attempt to insert the history of radical lesbian activists and art-makers into the ballet canon. Her group performances include The Firebird, Danspace Project, New York City (2013) and Variations on Virtuosity, American Realness, New York City (2015). Her residencies include Mount Tremper Arts Residencies (2012, 2013); Brooklyn Arts Exchange Artist-in-Residence, Brooklyn, NY (2013, 2014, 2015); Rockbridge Artist Exchange Residency, Lexington, VA (2011, 2012) and the Jerome Foundation Choreographic Center Without Walls, Danspace Project, New York City (2012, 2013). Pyle received her B.A. in Multimedia Performance Art from Hollins University.