Kathy Shorr is a New York-based artist born in Brooklyn, NY. Enabling people to become visually literate with the camera is the central core of her practice as she believes the camera is a tool of empowerment which fosters self-esteem. Shorr’s solo exhibitions include Countdown… 9/11/11, Submerged Gallery Newark (2011); and Home(less), Flushing Family Residence (2009). Her group exhibitions include International Photojournalism Show, Pepignan, France, NY Street Photography, Museum of the City of NY (2013); Arles Photo Festival Arles France (2009); and Palm Springs Photo Festival (2007).

Shorr’s awards include Judith Margaret Cameron Photo Finalist (2011); American Photography 26 Chosen (2010); and Palm Springs Photo Festival Finalist (2007). Her publications include French Photo (1990), Camera Austria (1990), Popular Photography (1990), Photo Review (1990), and On Seeing (1990). Shorr received her B.F.A. from SVA and an M.S. from Lehman College and NYU.

Photo credit: Courtesy of the Artist