Katarina Wong is a New York-based curator who curates projects that bridge cultures and further understanding of one another. Projects include Hecho en Transito / Made in Transit. Participating US artist Doug Beube works in collage, installation, sculpture and photography to create sculptural objects that comment on contemporary political issues including racism and censorship. Laurel Farrin’s abstract paintings are explorations into how the mind and canvas receives and depicts information, turning it into concrete experience and painting. Christopher K. Ho employs diverse formats to explore often-invisible social forces implicating contemporary art, including performance, sculpture, and crowd-sourced content. Travis LeRoy Southworth’s artwork is intrinsically connected to image manipulation in the beauty industry, in which he participates in as part of his day job. He extracts bits of cultural detritus in the retouching process to explore contemporary culture’s fascination with its own dematerialization. Participating Cuban aritists Rigoberto Diaz Martinez uses a variety of media to realize his time intensive projects, including photography, performance, video to focus on the imagined, rather than seen, lives of historical or abandoned objects and places. A former set designer, Lizandra Rodriguez is inspired by street theatre as a way to stimulate direct communication with viewers, creating imaginary architectural settings in her drawings and mixed-media sculptures. Lisbet Roldan plays with the idea of memory and the psychological self. She works across media including photography, drawing, and recently with embossing created by inkless dotmatrix printers. Aylen Russinyol uses a variety of fine arts and construction materials in her paintings to mash-up existing and imagined architectural spaces, drawing similarities between architectural ruins and the pathos of the human condition.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist