“The tone is elegiac as much as it is celebratory; interviews with shop owners make it clear how close to extinction many of them stand, and the photographers report that a third of these businesses have gone under in the time that it took to make the book.” – The New Yorker, April, 2009, J. Wolf

James and Karla Murray are New York-based husband-and-wife professional photographers and authors. For the past twenty years, they have focused their lens on the cityscape through portraits of storefronts and shop owners and have strived to capture moments of city life often undocumented, but with the shining spirit, energy and cultural diversity of individual neighborhoods. Unlike many photographers who prefer to stay behind the camera, they often interview their subjects as oral historians. They are strong advocates for the beauty of shooting in natural light and capturing candid subjects with both analog and digital formats to tell stories, create awareness and action within viewers. Their mission is to thoroughly document the city’s small unique mom-and-pop stores that are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artists