“As the group takes their final paces on the worn cobblestone streets of lower Manhattan some of the most prolific history is covered during the 90-minute tour, detailing the intersection of blacks from West Africa and the Caribbean with the Dutch and the British. A story that goes unknown by many, and that is what Kamau Ware is attempting to change.” – Lisa Kay Davis, March 3, 2016, NBC News


Kamau Ware (b. 1974) is a Brooklyn-based visual artist born in Pittsburgh, PA. His work focuses on visual storytelling by using photography, history, and fantasy to produce moving narratives about people and spaces. His works include America: The Legacy of African American Legacy, Arsenal Gallery, New York, NY (2016); #INSIDEBLACKGOTHAM, Civil Service Cafe, Brooklyn, NY (2015); Exposed, Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2014); and Bed Stuy Story, Warehouse Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2014). His residencies and awards include LMCC’s Process Space Program (2016) and History In Action Project (2016). Ware received a B.S. from University of Pittsburgh.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the artist