Fariso Jordan is a New York-based actress, playwright, and teaching artist born in Houston, TX. Jordan is committed to engaging her feral inventiveness to create multi-sensory experiences that shift the spirits of her audience members. She is particularly interested in exploring universal issues through the experiences of people of color. Jordan creates art as means to heal, restore, transform, educate, empower, and revolutionize. Her most prominent work, Georgia, is an Off-Broadway play that explores opposing perspectives on rape in relationships. After each performance, Jordan offers a guided interactive discussion or workshop about healthy sexual behavior. Georgia premiered as a one-woman, four-character play in 2011 and has since toured nationally. Georgia most recently emerged as a re-written, full-cast theatrical production of seven actors and four dancers. Jordan is the founder and director of Setting the Stage, a college-prep program for underrepresented high school students interested in studying theatre. She studied Theatre Performance at Fordham University.

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Georgia” Healthy Relationships Workshop (2013)
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