John Andrew is a sculptor who primarily uses text and sound. These sculpted materials are manifested in a variety of formats that include: vinyl records, compact discs, three dimensional objects, works on paper, installation, photographs, and books. These objects, images, and information act as vehicles for attuning or re-tuning ones patterns of perception in relation to the complications of living in an object-, image-, and information-saturated world.

John Andrew has exhibited in national and international venues including Audio Visual Arts in New York (USA), Galerie Desaga in Cologne (DE), Fold Gallery in London (UK), and The Living Art Museum in Reykjavik (IS). In the summer of 2010, in cooperation with Justin Luke of Audio Visual Arts, Andrew curated an exhibition of paintings by John Fahey.

Andrew’s Swing Space project on Governors Island will document the auditory experience of the island via field recordings. In the tradition of the mid century record companies devoted to such activities (Folkways, Droll Yankee, Smithsonian), these recordings will capture and preserve the mundane and extraordinary activities of a place and time. The recordings will then take form of a ten CD box set encased in a handmade wooden box. This object acts as a physical interactive sculpture that could be utilized any place at any time, with eyes closed, allowing the listener to travel without the body to a landscape that may be recognized or at least familiar.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist