A Harlem-based collective made up of a sound/media artist and two architects, Jessica Feldman, Jerome Haferd & K. Brandt Knapp all make public installation art in New York City, and have come together to form a collective in the past year. The goal of their collaboration is both artistic and political. They seek to create site-specific projects that engage with public space in ways that consider sound, listening, visual, and architectural structures. They think that public engagement and political discussion is conditioned -and often shut down- by walls that silence and separate people. Their projects aim to design structures and objects that re-active and imagine places for discussion, listening, and community engagement. They see art as an important way to draw people together and to consider the possibilities and histories of a site. Whereas as architecture is often used to make spaces private and keep people apart, they aim to build structures that foster community. Their use of sound design aims to get people talking and listening more carefully to each other. They are particularly interested in activating neglected or unrealized public spaces that can come alive with a local community. Individually, they are actively presenting projects and have recently shown work at Socrates Sculpture Park, Petrosino Square (SoHo), Court Square (Queens), among other sites. These works have been long-running, site-specific public art pieces that reach thousands of visitors.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Arthur Moeller