Born into a very visually expressive family, Jesse Tobin was constantly introduced to and surrounded by new art. She began creating at an early age, and was always experimenting with different media and forms discovering a love of colors, circles, paper, black & white photos, stripes, tissue paper, polariods, magazines, rubber stamps, cardboard, fabrics, ribbon and glue — lots of glue. Tobin travelled all through the US and lived in London, Spain, France and spent time in Cuba. Changing environments truly opened her eyes to objects in their surroundings, and different ways to look and see; as her mom says, Looking 5 floors up is a whole new world on the same street.

A native of Pittsfield, MA, Tobin studied graphic design and photography at Los Angeles’ Otis College of Art and Design after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. After spending years in LA, she moved back east to Brooklyn, NY in 2004 and continues to further her career in art and design. Tobin is currently an Art Director and Paper Artist in New York City.

Tobin has been selected for a SPARC residency at VISIONS at Selis Manor. During her SPARC residency, she will develop her project Rotation Art Book, which will engage each senior to build relationships with others around them through art and common themes. Each participant will make his or her own art book and all participants will addto each other’s books, building upon community in the center.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist