Jean-Marie Casbarian is a New York-based artist born in Jackson Heights, NY. Although she defines herself as an artist that will cross disciplines and work in a variety of media (photography, video, sound, performance), photographic principles have always been at the core of her work. Historic notions of light and time, the delicate nature of film and emulsion, and the ephemeral quality of the archive have guided her interdisciplinary intentions. Concerns around memory, loss and longing, personal and political mythologies, disconnected family histories and the confusion of cultural identity have created the stage in which she investigates this elusive space. Casbarian’s works include We took the image and put the sound too loud, Hessel Museum of Art, NY (2013); Pictures Are Words-Not-Known, LiShui Museum of Photography, China (2011); and Blind Dates Project, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, NY (2010).

Casbarian’s awards and residencies include Five College Artist / Research Associate, Five Colleges, MA (2013); CAAP Grant, Chicago, IL (2004); and Grant Recipient, LaNapoule Foundation, Cannes, France (1995). She received her B.F.A. from The University of Colorado at Denver and M.F.A. from Milton Avery School of the Arts, Bard College.