“With ballet and modern often receiving the bulk of attention when it comes to concert dance, Jazz Choreography Enterprises reminds us that jazz, too, is a style worthy of the spotlight.” CriticalDance.org, October 25, 2015, Alison Durkee.


The mission of Jazz Choreography Enterprises (JCE) is to promote the creation of original jazz choreography in concert form. In May 2007, Marian Hyun, Co-Artistic Director of JCE, produced the first performance of the NY Jazz Choreography Project.

Realizing that choreographers need opportunities to develop their work and that audiences have fewer opportunities to see jazz dance than in years past, Marian Hyun, Co-Artistic Director Merete Muenter, and two other dance lovers founded JCE in July 2007. JCE has produced all subsequent performances of the Jazz Project. The Jazz Project is presented twice a year alongside free, public dance workshops to teach a notable jazz style.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Jan La Salle