Jayanthi Moorthy is a New York-based artist who makes paintings, prints, installations and video. Her works explore various aspects of personal and cultural identity and their contemporary interpretations. She derives inspiration from cultural practices of the East and West, and ritual practices and philosophies from Hinduism and Buddhism (impermanence, minimalism etc.). Ritual guides her practice of re-drawing and using repeated lines and/or texts in her drawings and paintings. Impermanence is reflected in the use of ephemeral materials such as rice flour, sand and spices in her drawings and installations. The drawings are abstract, unplanned and done in the moment. Once the meditations are complete she combines the drawings with digital projections to make installations, or photographs them to make digital prints. On canvas she works with acrylics squeezing blobs of paint into linear forms that eventually look like thick woven threads. Moorthy’s installations are mostly participatory and invite active contribution from the audience.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist