“Travel is the best education.” – Ibn Battuta, 13th Century Traveler

International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to nurturing a new generation of visionary leaders from the African Diaspora who, inspired by their rich African heritage, are committed to leave a legacy in the world. Since its inception in 1989, IYLI has emphasized academic achievement, art and culture as means to develop skills necessary for success in school and life and impart awareness of rich traditions and current issues pertinent to the African Diaspora. Students explore arts and culture through experiences and activities in New York City, as well as the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. Students participate in projects that include street theatre, visual arts, writing, photography, and video. Since its inception, IYLI has supported nearly 500 emerging leaders. More than 99% graduated from high school and 90% enrolled in college the year following high school completion.

Featured Image Photo Credit: IYLI Photography