Intake Manifold is a loose, wobbly collection of artists and architects committed to unlikely constructions. Formed in 2009 amidst the econopocalypse, IM collaborated with Shift Architects to fabricate a physical model of the economy of Iceland, in Reykjavik. In six weeks, sheet metal was donated, the model was pulled one piece at a time from digital space to real space, and 12,000 rivets were being fired into sheet metal. Next IM created four video ‘stage sets’ for Eyebeam’s Mixer benefit, entitled Causal Encounters. These sets were of different simple shapes to be crawled, climbed, or slid into, and broadcast throughout the gallery. IM’s work has been heartily approved by partygoers internationally, and projects are typically completed with no money and lots of sweat and free material.

During the Governors Island residency, IM is composed of Ouida Biddle in New York, Alivia Zivich of AA Records in Detroit, and Makoto Mizutani of Scout Regalia in Los Angeles. The collaboration for the Swing Space residency is narrative in nature, and posted daily as drawings and letters for the duration of the residency online. Intake Manifold is thrilled to contribute to the big pile of imagined futures of the Island.


Image credit: courtesy of the artist