“Imagine if Burning Man and Occupy Wall Street made a baby at a Tijuana Picnic, while Herb Alpert and his brass band watched, and you may come close to the vibe of a HONK! street party.” – Time Out NY, Oct 9, 2015, Christopher Tarantino.

HONK NYC! (HNYC) is an annual New York-based festival of American and international musicians and performers dedicated to preserving and advancing the tradition of street music and spectacle. Founded as a spin-off of HONK! Fest in Boston, HNYC has grown to eclipse its progenitor with seven days of free and ticketed performances throughout NYC, as well as educational initiatives in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Coupled with the passion, spirit, and pageantry of Mardi Gras and carnival, HONK NYC! signifies a new activist movement of acoustic and mobile musical ensembles forming around the globe. HNYC is comprised of over 15 brass and percussion bands.

Previous HONK bands have come from Austin, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, Sonoma, Moscow, Paris, Lyon, London, Rome and Rio de Janeiro. Coupled with the passion, spirit, and pageantry of Mardi Gras and Carnaval, these Honk bands, as they have come to be called, galvanize audiences with new compositions and audacious interpretations of standards. They have also come from various traditions including New Orleans second line, Balkan and Romany, Brazilian Afro-bloco, Latin and Indian brass, rock, funk, hip hop, experimental jazz, and punk.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of HONK NYC!