Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi have worked together, as a collaborative pair, since 1999. Hilario Isola was born in Italy in 1976. He attended Art History and Museum Studies at Torino Philosophy University. Matteo Norzi was born in Italy in 1976. He attended Architecture at Torino Polytechnic University. After college, together they started their fourhanded research, starting from sculpture developing and researching various modes of expression. Their artistic endeavor, based on open-ended experimentation and collaboration, explores different and undefined fields of representation, as light distortion directly on expositive sites or semantic manipulation on common-use objects. ‘Time erosion’ and ‘space taming’ are the conceptual terms and formal instruments they utilize in order to lead viewers towards a broader reflection on trespassing, destination, and purpose. They have taken part in several shows in Europe and the U.S.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist