Collaboratively helmed by David Brick, Andrew Simonet and Amy Smith, the Bessie Award-winning troupe transforms the sanitized space of the building’s spa into an an intimate, visceral performance experience. In Hotel Pool, a business woman stumbles into the humid glow of a pool after a long day of travel. The air is thick, the water glows strangely and the woman falls into the exuberant arms of a watery eruption.

Located near New York’s Wall Street district, the beckoning waters of the pool become the site for a meditation on the fine line between waking up and dying. Hotel Pool was a runaway hit at its Philadelphia Live Arts Festival premiere in 2004. It is set to an original score by the Wayward Wind known for their lush musical arrangements and pop sensibility.

Hotel Pool is made possible with support from Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour (PennPAT), a Presenter Program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.


Image credit: courtesy of the artist