“Fearless Political Theatre” – Huffington Post

Girl Be Heard is a non profit theatre company that brings global issues affecting girls center stage by empowering young women to tell their stories. GBH began in 2008 as a show about teen girls for the Estrogenius Theatre Festival in lower Manhattan. Twelve young women from diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds were cast to write, produce, and perform their own theatrical works. The cast of young women learned to think critically, challenge stereotypes, foster permanent, positive, social networks, and develop tools for causing positive changes in their communities. Because 6:10 girls have or will experience physical or sexual violence in their lives, Girl Be Heard was born out of the systemic need to keep girls safe and provide a community for healing for survivors of abuse. In addition to creating a fearless space for girls to speak honestly, develop trust and share personal stories, these shared experiences raise awareness about gender-based violence and the silence. By encouraging girls to be heard, Girl Be Heard nurtures young women to become leaders and activists in a global movement to empower and raise the status of women worldwide. Currently, Girl Be Heard performs productions on pressing social issues throughout New York City, the United States and across the globe.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Girl Be Heard