Gian Maria Tosatti (Roma, 16.04.1980) is a visual artist. He founded and directed the studio Hôtel de la Lune. First steps were made in 2002 at the Centre for Theatrical Research and Experimentation of Pontedera working on performances. In 2005 Tosatti moved to Rome to undertake an artistic research between architecture and visual arts which inspired all subsequent works resulting in environmental installations. In addition, two projects came out of this: Devozioni and Landscapes. The first is a cycle of ten works for specific architectural spaces of Rome, the second is a project of public art in areas that act as an urban conflict.

Tosatti is currently working on two new projects, Fondamenta, based on the identification of contemporary age archetypes and Le considerazioni sugli intenti della mia prima comunione restano lettera morta dedicated to the enigma of personal memories and to the traces that human beings leave behind them.

Tosatti is also a journalist and editor chief of the cultural review La Differenza. In 2011 he curated the project Reload, prototype of cultural urban intervention about the temporary use of inproductive spaces.

Tosatti’s Swing Space project will work on a subject closely linked to the city of New York: the existential loneliness. After a documentation phase during the residency, using his art studio as a typical New York studio, he will create an enviromental installation that will have on the floor the shapes of the classic furniture, anonymous and essential, for those who live in the Big Apple having arrived from somewhere. On the ceiling there will be another room that, like in a mirror, will reflect the same space but with different furniture taken from the memory of a hypothetical tenant (who is the fetisch of the beholder).

Image credit: courtesy of the artist