There was a time when the center of cool existed exclusively below 14th. But now…everything awesome has moved north. In this week’s issue, we feature original artwork by graffiti legend (and lifelong Upper West Sider) George “SEN One” Morillo, commissioned especially for the magazine.” – Time Out NY, June, 18 2014, Dana Varinsky

George “SEN One” Morillo is New York-based artist who was born and raised on the Upper West Side. As far back as 1970, he was mesmerized by Graffiti, first as a kid tagging with his brother, and then writing his first graffiti in 1980. SENDER was his original name, which he then shortened to SEN. When Graffiti was outlawed he began teaching art to children. He now creates original designs and art installations including a six-window display for MACY’s; Graffiti-influenced designs for fashion icon Rachel Roy; the logo for New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire’s clothing line; and sneakers for HIP HOP USA’s Subway Series. George has his own clothing line called BYL (Button Your Lip), and is currently producing a hard cover Graffiti Arts Workbook.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy Of Artist