What We Know So Far was founded by composer / programmer Mike Rugnetta and digital artist Patrick Davison in 2008. They produce faced paced, multi-media performance about information, media and technology culture. Staged like lectures, these performances aim to present more information than the audience could possibly absorb at once: alongside rapidly delivered text (sometimes from multiple speakers), there are streams of visuals – slideshows, video – and synchronous music and sound. The experience is constructed in the hopes of activating the part of the human brain which has developed in response to daily inundation by media – but with a sense of humor. WWKSF has performed at Judson Memorial Church, Columbia University, The Gene Frankel Theatre, NYU, 3rd Ward and Yale University amongst others. For their Swing Space residency, WWKSF is working with members of Brooklyn based band Arpline.

Forwards \ Backwards is a ten-minute long musical palindrome and multi-media parlor trick about the accidental discovery of the international dateline and this one time when Alaska traveled forward in time 14 days.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the Artist