“The writing here is insightful and often funny,” – The New York Times, April 2013, Catherine Rampell

F*It Club, founded in 2010 by Executive Director Allyson Morgan and a collective of actors, writers, directors, and filmmakers, is a company whose goal is to provide access and opportunity with immediacy. By creating short plays, short films, and short-term events, F*It Club serves to bring both ease and fun back to entertainment. They make it their mission to create work that is enjoyable for the twenty to thirty-somethings who are missing from most contemporary theatre audiences. The Club is best known for the annual, multiple award-winning, series of world premiere, commissioned short plays known as The Spring Fling. Selected artists they have collaborated with include Brooke Berman, Hilary Bettis, Lucy Boyle, Bekah Brunstetter, Jon Caren, Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Halley Feiffer, and Kate Gersten.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Nathaniel Polish