“In a crowded room above a deserted Greene Street, Decker’s one-off sound and light performance-cum-installation piece, Salvaging the Aether (2013), wound its way between hundreds of guests with a delicate network of appropriated objects—from desk lamps clipped onto cinderblocks to an apparently defunct amplifier laying casually on the floor. Elsewhere, Decker tinkered with baoding balls and triangles vibrating off a subwoofer while a disco ball motor cantilevered a set of windchimes. These, along with a shortwave radio, formed the background noise to the animated chatter emanating from all parts of the room. Situated below eye level, Salvaging the Aether presented, in sum, a perfectly congruent piece to usher in an institution that values art as community-forming rather than an ideal to which communities should aspire.” – Art Asia Pacific, November 13, 2013, Karlynne Erjecitoz

Filipino American Museum (FAM) is a museum in New York that focuses on examining the connection between contemporary Filipino American arts and the roots and traditions of the Philippine diaspora. A startup committed to holding cultural programs in stimulating and unprecedented ways, FAM is dedicated to seeking out what it is to be Filipino in America and presents its findings through live performances, exhibits, installations, community forums, online content and more. Its programs include: FAM launch party and sound installation by artist Stephen Decker, at Third Streaming ; “Bayanihan Spirit” Fundraiser Concert, Galapagos Art Space ; 2nd annual Gathering the Grassroots conference, the Queens Museum. 

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Filipino American Museum