Eric Aviles ​is a New York-based actor, writer, teaching artist, and activist. He frames his work with the ideals of maintaining a connection to his history, culture and community – growing up Puerto Rican in the United States. The stories of ghetto realities of love and heartbreaks, faith and dreams, combating systematic oppression and colonization that he, his family, and communities of color have experienced continue to shape his identity and the kind of theatre he desires to create. His inspiration to write and perform comes from the stories of resilience from his family. His process includes restorative rituals that connect him to his ancestors and ground him spiritually. In his own work and as a teaching artist, he draws upon personal experiences, interviews, and origin stories to perform and devise original works. He wants his work to inspire, educate, incite action, and be financially accessible to poor and working class families.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Brian McConkey