Emmalea Russo (b.1986) is a Brooklyn-based artist from Pennsylvania. Using language, sculpture, and photography, she explores edge spaces in physical environments and human consciousness. Russo has had several chapbooks published including Eternal Apprentice, a collaboration with Michael Newton, DoubleCross Press (2016). Her first full-length book, G, is forthcoming from Futurepoem in 2018. Other works have recently appeared in BOMB and artcritical. She holds a B.A from Antioch University Los Angeles and an M.F.A from Pratt Institute.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist


E finds liquid
at home
in alchemical impulse there see-through pieces wash up

dear masculine stone,
remove blockages relieve shakes

of the periodic table later on Au matte warmth or a sheer curtain one’s vestments in crease with an ailment annex in body-mind neediness table or the periodic table itself nest

CHANGING METAL, a base into gold
energized energized

pull from whatever’s around

aligned with healer in the changing from matte to gloss in E says hello too

usages though minded yawn
the mind urged with what nothing
in certain frequencies of meditate frequent rigor of a headache, 26

so without? here and there is a
vessel of gold and a sidewalk
E searches and sips this “elixir
of life” and on page seven of a book reads about skin glowing from gold yawning, yellow what heard? energized tonic in the mind cloud the pendant in the

shape of the hue of a lamp handmade crush crushing the dust into something bioavailable

the properties of the plant horizontally
the dry mind neurological cautions
dear use of a vessel enter that play
annexed and then dropped down
in pieces she in sheer confusing it with
the windows swung open in the vestibule
in the compartment changing
a base metal into gold such a
forerunner levity crystalline a
claim to be a form or forming
vulgar silver and vulgar gold
she and I tasted mercury we mineral talk anti-intellectual goings > the sum of all those silvers and golds undone the toxicity and made

edible even pg 74 thin climate opening when all the layers silvers and golds smooth analysis she waves going

archetypes falling visually into the opening of physical archive like of this predisposition in mine mind, practice, great work offered a blackening
a whitening
a yellowing
a reddening
it’s changed /////////////////

abstract the summit
sensori-motor gamma and lined quilt

just crawl arch into certainly next-life E-being passed through the corpus whether in existence or not “act madly” 342 or “mad part” 342 indirect expel it
from each muscle that day post-
falling in pieces she in sameness
arched and keyed in begun again
to eat the silk of eggs falling sensory
and annexed being a hard thing into
a soft thing into //////////////////////////
a hard thing into a soft thing into
a matte thing into a glossy thing
into a thing all wrapped and hidden
into a thing expanding on the wall
into a thing in a pile on the floor SITTING,
call it a floating vestibule
but is what excess enough too
around ideas a foundational under
current arched, Arched, arched, Arch.
it and seems like a question of having quilted the fall a long egg, sat meditate

the document was on the equinox fall but
each movement pinned to some airy place for just it
potion a muscular attack and then sheer release
post-matte and low and suspended no less than an egg move
about the quilt folded on the floor a towel a moving blanket
a bare pillow nonetheless it’s not a risk but it’s still arching
brainy sew due to silvers and golds: chocolate wrapper, aluminum foil, expression of emotion things are plated
an ion of gold Au
An auric
phase, solid
nuggets and rocks
tasted metal in my mouth
due to electricity, 211, 216
the doctrine is resting
auric of E’s surrounding
experiment carried out
here be the universal elixir
E begin to pour kitchen in
in transparency and green velum

and slowing now and the vent


errant and the equaling beginning Q? a potion

muscular still extremely tired not checking the document’s emotional quotient E pouring and transmute the cure for each disease has what “chemistry”? E refuses the periodic table the table in the kitchen is round and centered and gridded
the solvent solving rewritten and quite simply
it is pacifying to the nervous system it is a potion made
from it is aligned and guided in the vestibule making a
tonic in the vestibule the desert all around the city just floating E text am that and that and that from lead to gold lower frequency to higher or a cure for this irritant E (empty) THROUGH,
a shelf to rest on the velocity it means
something a having had panel stuck
on archaically nothing too gone just

virtual and turning concrete in the city