Emilia Salieva, a Bishkek-based arts manager, was a resident with LMCC for five weeks in October – November 2008 through an ArtsLink fellowship. During her residency, Emilia worked in LMCC’s Department of Artist Residencies gaining access to LMCC staff and programming and gained introductions to many New York-based arts professionals.

Emilia Salieva is Manager of the Art and Culture Program, Swiss Cooperation Office/Arts and Culture Program (ACP) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. For the last eight years Switzerland has been one of the biggest supporters of cultural activities in Central Asia and the ACP was launched in 2000 and works in close collaboration with similar programs in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In her role at ACP, Emilia has launched a Central Asian Regional Arts and Culture Program (RACP), a three-year project linking the three countries. The culmination of the RACP was be a contemporary arts festival with a supporting platform “Experiments,” a series of events to network artists and arts professionals to be scheduled in 2008-09 leading up to the “Fusion Festival” in 2010. The festival’s aim is to create a fusion and cross-nurturing of contemporary and traditional artists to create new art forms. Emilia completed a postgraduate course “Cultural Projects for Development at University of Turin, Italy and pursued additional professional development programs in Bishkek, Moscow, and Bern.