“What the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation is doing for Bulgarian literature is remarkable…The support they’re giving to Bulgarian writers through the Sozopol Fiction Seminars and these contests goes a long way to help bring contemporary Bulgarian literature to the attention of readers throughout the world.” – Open Letter, Chad W. Post

The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation (EKF) is an international nonprofit organization established by the American writer Elizabeth Kostova. Its US branch was established in 2012. To achieve its mission in creating a nexus between Bulgarian and American literary communities, the Foundation has tailored series of projects in audience development for contemporary literature while promoting creative writing and translation. The Foundation is best known for the annual Sozopol Fiction Seminars, begun in 2008 and now highly competitive in status.

Every year both distinguished and aspiring authors from Bulgaria and from US convene in the ancient town of Sozopol on the Black Sea, which foster the network for launching EKF’s programs in the US. EKF’s US programs include BG Fiction NYghts, a seasonal series featuring Bulgarian and US writers; an annual program for publication of a Bulgarian novel by Open Letter Books; Literary Translator Residency; New Literature from Europe Festival in New York; and Small Places in Big Literatures, an initiative crossing perspectives between different NY-based communities.