“The shakuhachi, played with expressive attacks, produces a breathy sound, deep in terms of profundity, one can hear in a single tone the sound of the whole cosmos and evokes the sadness and beauty of the past. Lienhard did ample justice to these suggestions.” – The New York Times, January 25, 2015, James R. Oestreich


East Winds Inc. (1995) is a non-profit organization advancing public interest and understanding of Japanese and Asian music and performing arts. Through performances and workshops, East Winds Inc, aims to provide musicians with a forum to expose their work to the public. East Winds Inc. presents more than 65 concerts each year in New York City, and more than 200 concerts worldwide including both educational school performances as well as theater performances. East Winds Inc. involves the community in affiliation with Taikoza (Japanese drum group), East Winds Ensemble (Japanese traditional music) and individual artists Marco Lienhard and Masayo Ishigure. In addition to commissioning new compositions for Japanese instruments. East Winds, Inc. sponsors the study of the Taiko, the Shakuhachi and the Fue (bamboo Flutes) in New York City with monthly workshops and weekly lessons. Grants include the NEA, Rockefeller Foundation, and NYSCA as well as private and corporate donations.


Featured Image Photo Credit: George Hirose