Draok was founded in 2010 by Giorgio Guidi and Marta Pierobon. Both artists have exhibited extensively in Italy. Their work combines a meticulous scientific approach with a poetic filter, in a process of metabolic acquisition. They set out to examine the adaptive evolution in such human environments: it is an analysis of everything- dead or alive, animate or inanimate, spiritual, abstract or solid- and of those fragments of relationships that remain somehow glued to their personal history following a process of memory fall. Through interplay between real and fictional, they merge elements of folklore and symbolic imagery belonging to our cultural and emotional histories, to create utopian microcosms for human environmental re-adaptation. It can be seen like the work of an architect that builds and creates new realities starting from something that already exists. The work always exists in relation to the architectural idea and ideal of space in which both physically and mentally the viewer can place and confront himself. The space gives them the opportunity to create new possible interactions between the viewer and what surrounds him, always trying to give him the opportunity to put himself in contact with a fluid and definition-free reality.

Draok has exhibited at in Milan at Neon-Gallery, Crespi-Gallery, Viafarini and Viafarini/Docva, Short-Visit. Other galleries include Estudiotres-Gallery (Chicago), Hanna-Barry (London), Quarter (Teramo), AACA (Athens), Q (London), uploadart-project (Trento), SpinolaBanna (Turin), No Soul For Sale, Tate Modern (London 2010), APalazzo-Gallery (Brescia 2011), Kate-Macgarry (London 2011), VIR (Milan 2011).

During their Swing Space residency at Governors Island, Draok will build a stage made of various materials. On the stage, they will present different kinds of performances, working with sculptures, installations, projections, puppets, and sound. They are interested in the history of Governors Island and the people working there.

Featured image photo credit: courtesy of the artist