Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA is a printmaking collective of artists of Dominican descent, who live and work in New York City. Select artists of the collective are: Alex Guerrero, Moses Ros-Suárez, Luanda Lozano, Pepe Coronado, Rene De Los Santos, Miguel Luciano, Reynaldo Garcia Pantaleon, and Rider Ureña.

The mission of Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA is to advance the state of contemporary Dominican-American graphic arts through collaboration, broaden the public’s knowledge of Dominican culture through exhibitions, lectures, & workshops, create prints using a variety of techniques, from the traditional to the contemporary, document and manifest the graphic traditions of the Dominican Republic and of Dominicans in the United States, and lead in creating new venues for the exchange of ideas and cultures.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA