“Aziza, [DDJW] founder … found an ingenious way to get to the heart of Ms. McIntyre’s work and history.“ – New York Times, May 22, 2006, Jennifer Dunning

DEF Dance Jam Community is a training program and professional performance troupe that serves hearing and deaf or physically/developmentally challenged children, youth, and adults. Its mission is to support and empower “differently-able” youth, adults, and their families academically, artistically, socially and culturally, thereby restoring families and strengthening the relationship between the “differently-able” community and the “conventionally-able” community. Def Dance Jam Community has four full year, training and performance workshops: early education workshops Young Jammer, Youth-Junior/Seniors Workshop; Adult Workshopz; SAGE (Elder Workshop); and Performance Interpreting in American Sign Language. DDJW has international satellite programs in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and Rome.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of DDJW Incorporated