Daniel Fish is a New York based artist working in theatre, video and film. He received his BS in 1989 from the department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University, where he was exposed to many diverse ways of making live performance. An interest in language and poetry led him to assist Michael Kahn on classical plays at The Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC, where he was the Assistant Director from 1990-1994. In the late 90s he began a freelance career directing innovative and modern productions of classical plays at major theatres in in the U.S. and abroad including The McCarter Theatre, Yale Repertory Theatre, Classic Stage Company, The Shakespeare Theatre, and the California Shakespeare Theater. This led to work on contemporary language-driven plays, such as the 2001 premiere of Charles L. Mee’s True Love—which The New York Times called “a mesmerizing piece of work” and “the most inventive directorial effort of the year” —he 2004 premiere of Joanna Laurens’ Poor Beck at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the 2008 premiere of Mee’s Paradise Park at Signature Theater, and Sheila Callaghan’s We Are Not these Hands at the Düsseldorfer Shauspielhaus.

Most recently Fish has been creating new work in theatre and film from sources as varied as Shakespeare’s plays, Hollywood melodrama, The Phil Donahue Show, and Elliott Smith’s album From a Basement on a Hill. In January 2011, his stage version of the film Bigger Than Life, Tom Ryan Thinks He’s James Mason Starring in a Movie by Nicholas Ray… premiered at the Incubator Arts Project and was named one of Time Out New York‘s top 10 shows of 2011. Also in 2011, Fish completed work on his first film, The Dollar General. His current project A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again is based on audio recordings of David Foster Wallace reading his work, and has been developed at the International Theater Program at the University of Rochester and through a residency at The Baryshnikov Arts Center. Daniel has taught directing and design at the Yale School of Drama, the Tisch School of the Arts, Princeton University, University of California San Diego, and Bard College.

During his Process Space residency, Fish will begin developing a live performance based on John Cassavetes’ film A Wonder Under the Influence, incorporating elements of the film, the DVD commentary, and academy award transcripts. Performers include Thomas Jay Ryan, Christina Rouner, Keith Reddin, and Therese Plaehn.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist