“It was a thrill to see the power that these women could bring to the slow, full weight lowering of arms or to the full length reclinings on the floor. Both Duncan’s large-spirited imagination and her musical nerve were apparent.” – The New York Times, Aug. 24, 2008, Alastair Macaulay

Dances by Isadora, founded in 1989, is a New York-based organization dedicated to preserving the repertoire and technique of modern dance pioneer, Isadora Duncan (1877-1927). Through performing, teaching, and consulting, the company honors Duncan’s original choreography in ways that allow contemporary audiences to revel in the simplicity and power of the dances. Director and choreographer, Catherine Gallant, creates new works, in and outside of traditional venues, providing audiences with insight into how dance continues to shape and be shaped by our world. Dances by Isadora, along with Catherine Gallant/DANCE, presented their work at the Isadora Duncan International Symposium in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL (2013, 2015); Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY (2014-2015); and American Dance Guild Festival in NYC (2013, 2014).

Featured Image Photo Credit: Fran Dickson