“A showcase of choreographic styles, this multicultural, rhythm-infused, magical display of human movement reflects The Big Apple’s storied love affair with dance.” – Southwest Airlines Magazine, April 29, 2015, Todd Jensen


Dance Parade, Inc. is a New York-based organization whose mission is to inspire dance through the celebration of diversity. In 1926, a State Supreme Court ruled against a group of House, Hip-Hop, Ballet, and Swing dancers saying that social dancing was not an expressive activity. The inaugural Dance Parade of 2007 was organized to present dance as expressive in all its forms. The parade presents emerging as well as notable artists and showcases over 75 styles of dance. DanceFest serves as a grand finale to the parade in Tompkins Square Park and includes curated performances and Experience Dance Booths. Throughout the year, the organization employs its roster in performances including Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square, Dancing Through the Light at Greenwood Cemetery, and Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising. Dance Parade, Inc. also offers community engagement programs including a ten week residencies at schools, and community and senior centers. The programs crescendo with signature participation in the parade and festival.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dance Parade, Inc.