The Dan Joseph Ensemble was founded by New York-based composer Dan Joseph as a vehicle for his growing body of post-minimal compositions. With a unique instrumentation anchored by hammer dulcimer and harpsichord, a mix of winds, strings and percussion, the ensemble sound is harmonically rich and deeply resonant, evoking a musical world both old and new, ancient and modern.

Described as ”one part classical minimalism, one part rustic European mountain music … and maybe one part sunshine” (Time Out New York), and “hypnotic webs of sound reminiscent of early minimalism and psychedelia” (, the ensemble has been active in New York City’s lofts, galleries and concert stages since 2002. The group’s first CD, Archaea (Mutable Music, 2006) helped find an international audience for the composer’s work.

Following three New York performances in spring 2010 of Dan’s newest work for the ensemble, Tonalization (for the Afterlife), an expansive 35-minute multi-movement work that takes the ensemble deeper into the composer’s ecstatic realms of rhythm and color, a second Mutable Music CD was released Spring 2011. The current lineup features core members Tom Chiu (violin), Loren Dempster (cello), Marija Ilic (harpsichord), Leah Paul (flute), Danny Tunick (percussion) and the composer on hammer dulcimer.

During his Swing Space residency Dan will develop new large-scale work for his Ensemble. The completed work premiered at the Construction Company in May 2011.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist