Finnish/Israeli Artist, Dafna Maimon (b.1982) works with video, performance and sculpture. Her work explores human dramas where characters struggle with alienation, ego, and communication, often in relation to the reality of cinema. Specifically constructed circumstances of isolation or confusion, force the reality of her actors’ situations to become so real that the integrity of their fiction is compromised, ultimately resulting in the actors being led through a process advancing from actor to executor to participant. Using humor and absurdity as a central device she is interested in constructing situations that go beyond the surface of the screen and directly involve the spectators.

In 2006 Maimon graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and subsequently received her M.F.A. from The Sandberg Institute. In 2008 she attended the Skowhegan artist residency, and won the yearly Video Art prize from Film House The Hague in 2010. Maimon has shown her work throughout Europe and America, in exhibitions such as Based In Berlin 2011, Globe Deutsche Bank Fear Fun and Fire Festival Frankfurt, W139 Amsterdam, and The Elizabeth Foundation in NYC. In 2012 she will be presenting a new performance at PS1. Recent solo exhibitions include: Can’t Complain, Club Midnight Berlin, 2012 and Out Of left Field, AWLA Gallery Los Angeles 2011.

During her Swing Space residency at Governors Island, Maimon will be working on Playpal, a series of videos resulting from events that she will specifically script, construct, and document while working with Live Action Role Players.

Featured Image Photo Credit: courtesy of the artist