Marty Correia is a New York-based fiction and poetry writer. Born and raised in the post-industrial U.S. Northeast, Correia is tuned into the dialects and attitudes there – their cadences, their tensions, their swaggers, their shuffles, and the unavoidable alliances and collisions they have with the cities that make (and in some cases damage) them. Her foremost artistic goal is to help people feel connected to their communities and to encourage empathy for the lives of those living closest to the edges and especially for those who have been pushed over them. Correia’s work has appeared in The Mailer Review, FUSE, Punk Soul Poet, and Sibling Rivalry Press’s Lady Business. She ran the Wicked Queer Authors literary series at Dixon Place and the Grammarians Toast for Paul Violi memorial event. Correia received her M.F.A in Creative Writing from New York University.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Kate Conroy