“Cocteau liked to mix and blend all media, and so it is with this production. It is a mélange of electronic noise, modern dance, narration, traditional music, and video projection. It is surreal, absurd, challenging, and indefinable, like Cocteau himself.” – Electronic Link, August 2013, Karen D’Onofrio

Concrete Timbre & D’moiselles is a New York-based composer-driven performance collective. Their artistic mission is to add to the contemporary music canon by creating opportunities for composers to work in multiple disciplines to present new music in bold interdisciplinary performances that often defy categorization. They allow for interaction between artists, audiences, and technology and explore often-overlooked, non-traditional, or unconventional subjects to create productions that impact and invigorate both artists’ and audiences’ experiences. Their current (and all) programming strives to first create original music and then intertwine it with fascinating stories, movement, visuals and media. 

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Concrete Timbre & D’moiselles