Director Oliver Henzler and actors Laura Townsend, Helene Godec, and Cloe Xhauflaire are a collective of New York-based, European artists who have extensive and diverse experiences in physical and contemporary theater and are interested in building bridges between Europe and America. Their most recent project, Les Bonnes (the Maids), to show at La MaMa in 2017, emerged from the desire to explore Jean Genet’s ferocious play in the original French language. An unequivocal literary work, Genet’s play captures the grim substance of the incestuous relationship of the Papin sisters while sending us to a flower-coated fantasy dream. Role games and class war add a singularly contemporary dimension to the universal theme of darkly entangled relationships. Through in-depth exploration, the collective reveals the intricate scheme of the characters relationships and to question the play’s central themes of forbidden love, power, self and revolt. Working on the text in the original French allows the cast to recapture the word play that make up the bones of Genet’s text and the nuances that are often lost in translation.