Christine Malvasi is a Brooklyn-based writer born in Atlantic City. She likes to explore a variety of artistic disciplines- from piano playing to improvisational acting- and to filter the insights they offer through her writing. Malvasi’s book publications include Challenges for the Delusional, Ed., Jane Street Press (2012).

Malvasi was a Writer-in-Residence at Vermont Studio Center (2012), a Starworks Fellow with NYU and Starlight Children’s Foundation (2008-2009), a Princeton-in-Asia Fellow (2006-2007) and the Poetry Editor of Washington Square Review (2008-2009). She received her A.B. from Princeton University and her M.F.A. from New York University.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist


from “Vintage,” a project that blurs the line between writing poetry and composing music:


lyrics excerpted from the song kingdom of rooms


keys to many doors
hang from the sky like quarter notes


the solutions, the codes, the way
to happiness or a third-floor apartment


what works a lock, what opens the day,
lowest tone of the scale, a clue,


the mood, the building’s most important stone
small, low island of coral,


what do you lead to?
my heart like a palace of rooms


will open as an orchid only to you….