Christina Kelly is a visual artist and filmmaker. Her short films have screened at The New Festival, Animation Block Party, Bicycle Film Festival and Frameline. In her recent work Christina has been experimenting with time based installations while exploring the historical past, loss, and transformations, for her loss doesn’t find its full expression as nostalgia or memory, but in transformations that express resiliency and survival. For her project Maize Field, a meditation on both displacement and restoration, she planted two Lenape heritage gardens in sites that were documented Indian Planting Grounds in the 17th century . In another time-based installation. Pay Dirt: Transforming the Economy she composted shredded US Currency in her worm bin (with the blessing of the U.S.Treasury) for over six months turning greenbacks into ‘black gold’.

During the LMCC Governors Island residency, Kelly wants to focus on life in the intertidal zone and the seawall that separates us from it. She wonders if by walling off the mutable coastline we have lost contact with something fundamental in ourselves. The supposed aphrodiastic effect of the oyster is a starting point for a playful work on the natural world and the cultural pressures to alter it.


Image credit: courtesy of the artist