CHERYL is a four-person video and performance collective based in Brooklyn that explores the themes of mortality, mania, the feline-human connection, the limits of shoulders, the flammability of dollar-store hair extensions, and the staining power of fake blood. Through themes ranging from topical to bizarre, the CHERYLs revel in the joyous power of dance-induced psychosis/euphoria. CHERYL has been bringing its particular brand of FRESHMAGICK™ to New York City since colonial times, and has since acquired a dedicated cult following and media attention for over-the-top happenings involving outrageous costumes, exuberant dance moves, and participatory dance floor suicide.

CHERYL has staged video shoots for MoMA and Flux Factory, and has held participatory events and activities as The Bell House, Littlefield, Royale and Coco66 in Brooklyn. CHERYL has been written up in a number of publications, including Time Out New York, The New York Times Local blog, Readymade Magazine, and Flavorwire.

CHERYL is using their wonderfully bizarre Swing Space at 14 Wall Street to incubate ideas, rehearse and choreograph, and film short videos. 14 Wall Street has inspired themes and possibilities based on the location, and we plan on using dance interventions to activate the space in our videos as well as through participatory public programs.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist