Catherine Peila is a multidisciplinary performance artist whose work is shaped through the process of both physical experimentation and intellectual reconstruction. Ms. Peila continues to challenge her creative expression and development by working with artists of varied genres, cultures and aesthetics. She prefers to work publicly as part of her creative process, exposing herself to the public eye while excavating her subject matter. Pelia is committed to exposing the immediateness of world issues, the vitalness of acknowledging the value of cultural roots and the importance of inclusiveness. Pelia is the founder, curator, and a practitioner at The Front, an artist collective space that allows free expression, opportunity to educate and inform. Pelia is formally educated in a myriad of disciplines and has trained with artists from across the globe. Her process is influenced by indigenous ritual healing practices stemming from her Medical Anthropology focus. Her voice is a reflection of her curiosity of the darkness of life and death, the beauty and intricacies of human nature and the creative soul, ultimately, the struggle of defining what it means to be human. As an artist, she engages in an unstructured empathic process and channels her findings into structured performative installations that create opportunity for discovery.